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Background of this Fiction Type

Flash fiction is a wonderful sub-type of short story that stands on its own as its own unique literary style. The practice of writing this style of fiction can be traced all the way back to some of the stories of Ancient Greece. However, it wasn't until the 1930s that it was defined as a literary style and established as a medium of storytelling in itself for the modern day. Back in these times they were known using expressions such as short short fiction or just the term short story, until flash fiction was coined in the 1990s to describe what the literary style is known as today (Macmillan Dictionary, 2020).

As an extension of that, other sub-types of short story were coined such as micro fiction which is generally perceived to be fictional tales under 300 words in length. Narrowing these sub-types down even further some people have coined the drabble term for stories exactly 100 words in length and the dribble for stories exactly 50 words in length.

This Directory

Here on Lore we accept Flash and Micro Fiction. On this page is a directory of all our Flash Fiction, stories that fall into the 250 - 999 word category. The list has been organised into four main sub-titles; horror, fantasy, science fiction and Thriller/Mystery. In terms of thrillers and mysteries, most of these stories fall into one of the three other categories categories and if they do not, they can be found in the category designated solely for them. With all that said, enjoy our content.

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We love to hear from you and we love to read a wide range of different stories. While our short story category is slightly longer in word length, flash fiction is a great way to tell a snippet of a story to see your fictional world from a perspective that is unique but self contained. We find this works particularly well for horror stories and science fiction but feel free to submit what you love to write. If it is a fit for our publication we will get it out there. 

While not strictly our domain we will accept micro fiction under this category also, just note that it may be a while before your micro fiction is published if it falls under 100 words in length (in this case it will be published as part of a compilation here on Lore). Our minimum word count we aim to publish is around 100 - 249 words for micro fiction.

Currently we are porting all our stories from our old site!

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Science Fiction



Thriller & Mystery

short story, flash fiction, micro fiction

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