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Welcome to Lore Publication, a website dedicated to the publication of short stories. We at Lore would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us on our quest for inspiring, thought provoking fiction. This article will give you the who, what, where, why and how behind the publication as well as how you can help support us!

What is Lore Publication?


We are an online based publication that is focused on bringing you short stories and flash fictions based around science fiction, fantasy and horror. Currently, Lore Publication is run by Stewart Storrar; a writer and filmmaker from the Clyde Valley in Scotland. With a drive for writing and a passion to bring people stories that stay with them for a lifetime, Lore Publication is his first literacy publication.

How does Lore Publication Function? 


Lore Publication aims bring out new stories on a monthly basis from our best storytellers. We aim to bring the world a selection of unique, varied fiction from a diverse pool of content writers.

In terms of submissions, Lore Publication is looking for fiction that falls into two main categories: flash fiction (stories under 250-999 words) and short stories (stories between 1000 & 3000 words). We do consider micro fiction (stories between 100 - 249) but this isn't our main focus.

In terms of content style, Lore Publication is looking for fiction that falls into five main genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and mystery. Currently, Lore is looking for standalone works of fiction that fall under these specifications, as serial works of fiction will be something our yet to be built network of dedicated Lore authors will work on.

In terms of payment, Lore will run occasional publication contests in which a prize can be won and we are advocates of paying authors for their work. With this in mind, we cannot outright pay authors for their works just yet. Outright payments become difficult for a new publication, so commission based works for Lore are rare. We hope to expand Lore to a place where we can pay every author for every story we publish here on Lore but that simply isn't a viable option right now.

Integrity is a big part of what we do here at Lore Publication, all we want is to bring people stories that will stay with them for a lifetime, as well as make sure our authors are fairly treated! (more on that below)

Why Did Lore Start?


Lore Publication started due to the founder’s disheartening experience with getting his stories out there to people that wanted to read them. Lore’s founder wanted a place to share his own work and the work of other creatives in the same situation as him. As a result, Lore was born. Being run and managed by Stewart, Lore aims to build a brand of trust and integrity in the writing and publishing world, with one main goal in mind.

We want to bring insightful media to insightful minds. Here at Lore Publication, that means bringing people stories that inspire, motivate, shock, move, and themes that make people think.

Who Founded Lore?


Lore Publication was founded by Stewart Storrar, a filmmaker and writer from the Clyde Valley in Scotland. Below is a short profile of Stewart.

Stewart Storrar is a young, driven creative from Scotland who has qualified with a BA (Hons) in Media and Communications from Glasgow Caledonian University. Stewart started off his media career on YouTube at the young age of 13, growing his two YouTube channels to accumulate over 3 million views and 6,500 subscribers in total. Having moved into a professional education within the media industry, he is now the main Writer and Producer of multiple, low budget short films and has worked with various low budget productions in a variety of different roles. Aside from filmmaking, Stewart works as a Media Consultant for clients based both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. 

In terms of writing, Stewart published two short stories on Amazon KDP during his high school career that amassed over 2,000 downloads. The more popular of the two titled ‘Home’ hit the #1 spot in the Amazon Kindle Short Reads, 30 minute category for Literature & Fiction during its initial release week. Aside from this, in his high school career he was also an Editor on a popular video games Facebook page with over 90,000 followers.

Where is Lore Based?


Lore Publication was founded in Glasgow, Scotland. With Lore’s main presence remaining online via Blogger and social media, it has a limited physical presence in the real world.

This does not however restrict (in any way, shape or form) who can submit work to Lore Publication. We welcome submissions from any corner of the globe, from any writer young or old. We do not discriminate against writers in any form.

Primarily, Lore finds its home on Blogger. When starting out to get Lore Publication off the ground Stewart considered the many possible ways he could create his vision and dream of his own publication. In its initial start up days in 2018, Lore found it's first home on the website known as Medium but has now found it's home here on Blogger.

How Can You Help? 


Now that Lore has been introduced, if you want to help us, there are a number of ways in which to do so. Supporting our work (is and always will be) the number one way in which you can help Lore and its writers. This can include sharing, following Lore on social media and following our writers on their own socials to support their work. If you are so inclined we also have a donate button set up on our home page; any funds donated will go back into the site and Lore Publication.

Most importantly, you can help us out by letting us know if you liked or disliked a particular story in the comment section. In this type of venture opinions help our writers develop and feedback is worth its weight it gold!

Our Socials


Twitter: for our latest updates, writing prompts and more.
Instagram: for writing prompts, and poetry.

While we do have a Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram account, we do not have the time or numbers to manage them all effectively. We instead focus our efforts on bringing out new content from Lore!

We here at Lore would like to thank you for taking the time to check us out. Be sure to stay updated on our new releases! If you are interested in getting your work featured, be sure to contact us via our email or socials.

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