Lore's First Release - Nihilist's Bible - A Collection of Dark Poems

Nihilist's Bible by Stewart Storrar - A Dark Poetry Chapbook

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We are excited to announce the release of our first ever poetry chapbook on commercial platforms. Nihilist's Bible by Stewart Storrar, Lore's Founder, is now available! It is a chapbook with a focal point on dark poetry, poetry about depression, and about his own personal struggles with identity and mental illness.

Before we go any further, you can pre-order a copy of the chapbook at the various links below:
The poetry chapbook is also available in other nations such as Denmark, France, Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico as a digital eBook.

As the title suggests it draws heavily from nihilistic principles, particularly moral and existential nihilism, and was originally a method for Stewart to vent his emotions in a non-destructive way.

This blog post is a delve into the work, what it stands for in Stewart's eyes, why he wrote it, what it is about, and exploring nihilistic poetry in and of itself. So;

Why Sad Poetry?

When Stewart began unintentionally laying the foundations for the chapbook that's now in its final form, he never intended for his musings to see the light of day. For him, in the early days, it was about processing his emotions and coming to terms with aspects of life he found very difficult. Without getting into particulars, Stewart used his poetry and writing as an avenue to express that which he didn't know how to express any other way.

In essence, he didn't set out to create a sad poetry chapbook, or a chapbook about depression, grief, and loss, but found that a lot of his poetry and his expression through poetry explored the darker side of the human condition. 

What stands as a completed work today is the compilation of all those musings with that similar theme. He decided to create this chapbook as a way of exploring and expressing that which is usually taboo in society.

That being said, if you do plan to pick up a copy, do note that it deals with heavy subjects at points and can be distressing.

What Subjects Does The Poetry Chapbook Include?

Due to the nature of the chapbook, trigger warning. The poems that made it into the final version of the book touch on a number of subjects that people may find distressing or difficult to talk about. For clarity, these poems represent aspects of Stewart's personality that he isn't particularly proud of, but felt it was important to share to the world.

Opening up conversations about difficult subjects is how we can overcome the historical taboo of these subjects. The chapbook touches on Stewart's thoughts about love and the loss of it, grief and how he came to terms with it, his mental health struggles, his suicidal thoughts, his issues with identity he has faced all his life, and the darker thought processes that these kind of subjects lead to.

It may not make for light reading but that wasn't the intention behind publishing it. Stewart's intention was to open a dialogue about these subjects and introduce a true, authentic part of himself to the world. As someone that has always felt alienated, this chapbook stands as his open letter to the world about his inner most thoughts and feelings.

That being said, these things develop over time and Stewart is at a point in his life where he feels comfortable enough to share these with the world. It is his hope that it can help others like him by helping them explore their own darker human condition in a non-destructive way.

What Do I Do If I Feel Overwhelmed?

If you are reading this, or the chapbook, and you feel like a lot of what is touched upon relates to you in a profound way, know that emotions are temporary. It will get better.

It is normal to be overwhelmed with the world at times, esepcially when subjects like the subjects covered in this chapbook are brought up. If you feel comfortable talking to somebody then you absolutely should. Find someone to confide in. They most likely won't be able to give you answers but they can listen. Not feeling alone when feeling overwhelmed is a huge part of overcoming emotions that strong.

Seeking professional help is always an option. Below are some resources that you can use if you ever need them. We'll just take a moment to remind you there's no shame in using these services and you're not bothering anyone - not at all!

The resources (for the UK):
The resources (for the US):
  • The National Suicide Prevention Helpline – for everyone. Free 24/7 support.
    Call 1-800-273-8255
  • A Master List of Suicide Hotlines broken down by state. Click here to access the list.
  • Lifeline's Crisis Chat. Call 800-273-8255 - available 24/7. You can also access their live chat feature by clicking here.
  • The Veteran's Chatline for military veterans. Available 24/7. Access their live chat here.
  • The Trevor Project. Available 24/7. Call, 1-866-488-7386. Or, alternatively, you can access their live chat feature by clicking here.

Before You Go

Be sure to reach out if you ever need help and as far as the chapbook goes, always use the words in its pages for good. You're never alone in your inner-most battles. Be kind to yourself, give yourself a break, and have a nice day!

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