Tips To Imagine Ideas For Your Next Flash Fiction

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Imagine Ideas For Your Next Flash Fiction

When it comes to writing fiction, it isn't always easy to know what to write about, or get past writer's block. The age old question, 'how to imagine ideas' has been around since as long as writers have written. And it isn't and easy question to answer.

There are so many factors at play that go into writing any form of fiction but flash fiction is particularly difficult. You need to straddle the middle ground between telling a compelling story, but avoiding the depth of a short story.

I personally like to think of a flash fiction as an interesting snippet of a larger story and a bigger world. It is crucial to tell some kind of narrative, but vital you don't get into too much depth.

In this short article we will cover some common ways you can begin to imagine your own ideas for your stories - including good places to start looking for inspiration.

Start With Fan Fiction

If you are new to writing a flash fiction and the issue lies with the creative aspects of imagining this new world and its characters, then borrow! While fan fiction cannot be distributed commercially (at all) without the blessing from the original publisher or author, it is a good way to hone your skills. 

Even if you don't plan to share the work commercially, you still need to be careful publishing fan fiction in public. The original copyright and intellectual property owners can still ask you to take your work down. This is very rare but does happen.

However, with that understanding, there are plenty of writing groups online in places like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter where you can get honest feedback for your fan fiction. These places also offer you the opportunity to delve into other people's fan fiction which is a great way to learn. Think of fan fiction as a good way to refine your skills for developing your own flash fiction later on.

Don't be too disheartened if you don't forge a great story on your first try. It can be difficult to imagine ideas, even for fan fiction. Writer's block isn't exclusive to any one form of writing!

Use Your Environment To Imagine Ideas

This is a great one for learning where to find inspiration. I see this a lot when I browse writer forums and online groups; that people struggle to know where to look for inspiration. Truth be told, most inspiration comes from other stories, or the world around you.

Good places to look for potential flash fiction ideas are newspapers, journals, and even other books. Now I am not saying copy everything, as plagiarisation is a cardinal sin for any writer. But it is okay to borrow ideas and begin thinking about your own take on that idea.

Or look to the people that form your inner circle of friends and family. Do they have any interesting hobbies? Or maybe they have an interesting job? When it comes to creative writing the only real limit is your imagination. Finding inspiration and motivation from the world around you is more common than you might think in the writing world.

Gleam From Other Flash Fiction

Moving on from fan fiction, a good imagine ideas prompt could be to analyse other published flash fiction. There are some flash fiction stories here on Lore Publication that you can take a look at for inspiration, but there are also plenty of flash fiction compilations out there.

Medium is another good place to look for published flash fiction. Read dozens and dozens of them from different genres to get a feel of how the literary form is written. Analysing across genres can help you identify the similarities between how the stories are written, and may offer you insights that can help you forge your own.

Again, you can always use an idea you read as a spring board into your own story. There are no original ideas anymore. What makes any story unique is your own perspective and how you tell it. 

Before You Go

Remember that crafting a flash fiction isn't a quick process, and for some of the best flash fiction pieces out there, it can take weeks. Writer's block can get in the way, but we have some ideas to help you with that too.

Alternatively, we have a list of 25 creative writing prompts for adults that you can have a go at.

So, it's time to go and start looking for inspiration! Get motivated, get writing, and be sure to keep an eye on when our own submissions open up again.

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