'And I live' - A Poem by Stewart Storrar

I look out from the tombstones of the past,
Holding scorn,
Seeing all but a crown of thorns,
And noose of crimson petals.

I hear the cry of forgotten lovers,
Echoing through the moors of time,
Clouded by the mists of ego,
Weathered by the winds of change.

From time to time,

I feel the twinkle of a thousand stars,
Shining out as beacons of hope,
Showering me with their sempiternal glow,
Their glimmer is a joy in a world gone mad.

And then,
I realize,

I am but an actor on their stage,
A bead of sand on life's beach,
A ray in a cosmos of light,
Forever searching in the darkness.

Searching for that which many lose,
In the twisted vine of life's subtleties,
That I have been lucky,
To grasp by its last strand.

And so my scorn turns sweet,
The cries fade to singsong,
And the twinkles burst with lumens.

I finally begin to sense,
That which cannot be known,
And embrace it with my symphony,
Using fate as my conductor.

And I live.

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