10 Unique Ways to Imagine Ideas for Creative Writing

unique way to imagine ideas for creative writing
Image credit: B_Zocholl via Pixabay

No matter how imaginative you are, the ability to imagine ideas is a process that cannot be consistent. Some days you won't be able to keep up. New concepts and new ideas to develop your story or a character will flood your paper. On other days that imagination just seems like a clogged pipe; too much use and now it doesn't want to work. This can be very frustrating for new and seasoned writers alike. This article, like Lore's prompts, is a list designed to help you with exactly that. Your imagination telling you "no thanks, not today" despite it being your last day off in the week.

Below I have gone into detail trying to imagine ideas in order help you with your imagination malfunction. Some of the ideas won't be for you, and that is fine! Some may seem too easy, or others just not that interesting to you personally. However, I have made a conscious effort to create a varied list in an attempt to cover all bases. With that said, without further ado, let's jump into the list and get creating.

Way 1:
A cool way to imagine ideas for your writing could be to use other people's writing. And no, I don't mean copy anyone. Every writer fell in love with writing because they read a book somewhere, by another author, and decided that is what they want to do. So, why not tap into that original inspiration to start writing to continue writing?

Go to your bookshelf, or if you are keeping up with the times unlike me, open up your kindle app. Choose a book that takes your fancy. What the book is actually about and who wrote it doesn't really matter for the way we are going to use it.

Now set it on fire. 

I'm only joking. Making sure you are still there. Don't set it on fire. I mean it, really. Don't. Instead, set your imagination alight! Turn to page 14 of this book and note down the first sentence. Now turn to page 79 and write down the last sentence. Finally, open the book to a random page, close your eyes, and podge your finger onto the page. Write down the sentence your finger chose. Now, putting aside how funny that last action must have seemed to an onlooker with no context, look at the sentences.

Let them permeate your mind and let your mind drift to where ever it wants to go. Start forming a story from that. Or, if it is a situation you find yourself imagining, put a character you have written into it. Let's see how it goes. Shall we?

Way 2:
No rest for the wicked, they say. We are going straight to a mind bending way to imagine ideas for your stories. At least, that is to say, it was mind bending for me. What a way to start, I know. I recently watched a very interesting video delving into what a 2nd person shooter game might look like. This was just out of curiosity, but it got me thinking about 2nd person literature, which isn't all that common in fiction.

So for this first idea, let's take a story or character you have written in the past. Now I want you to re-tell that story from a 2nd person perspective (or try). It may not be possible, but trying might open up your mind to new perspectives about your story or characters.

Give it a bash and see what happens! You have nothing to lose, after all.

Way 3:
This next idea is also a bit goofy but can help you write when facing writer's block. For this method I want you to write a paragraph using the literary device of a Tautogram.

A Tautogram is when each word of a sentence or paragraph begins with the same letter. It differs from alliteration as every word included in a Tautogram doesn't need to repeat consonant sounds. In actuality, it doesn't need to repeat any phonetic sounds. Tautograms are purely a visual writing phenomenon.

An example; the time to travel to Tacoma trumps the time to travel to Tampa.

What I want you to do is see how many sentences you can write using a Tautogram. If you want to make it challenging, see if you can construct a few sentences like this that make sense together. Who knows what ideas you might come up with!

Way 4:
A way that I use to imagine ideas is to learn from other languages. Linguistics is a fascinating thing, purely because many languages do not have literal translations for words or phrases. Delving into the true meaning of these phrases can present new words. It can also present new perspectives and new ways to think of situations.

A very good example, and one I use often, is exploring Native American or Iroquoian languages. I think this as these languages tend to describe concepts in relation to nature. Native American culture is known to be intrinsically entwined with the natural world. Thinking about their phrases and their language, the beauty of it, can help you explore unique concepts. 

Way 5:
This next concept is another favorite of mine. It is very simple and easy to do, which is a bonus! I am aware that this method isn't directly related to writing, but this is not a writing prompt list. I want this list to be about how to foster your imagination to imagine ideas on your own. 

With this concept fresh in mind, this method includes the use of a random YouTube video generator. What this generator does is get a random video for YouTube and plays it to you. Skip through the content and see what you can find. It is amazing some of the things that people upload publicly on YouTube. Happy browsing!

Way 6:
This one is a bit goofy and may seem simple at first, but can actually be quite challenging the further you take it. We are going to try and write a story paragraph, telling any story, using just anadiplosis. 

Anadiplosis is when you start your next sentence using the word you finish your current sentence with. With this, it can be challenging to tell a story. Story, however, is an important part of life's variety. Variety, as we all know, is the spice of life. Life must go on, and so we must got on with it. It, life that is, must be enjoyed, so let's just have some fun.

It can be surprisingly difficult, and even seems disjointing, but every writer worth their salt should give it a go!

Way 7:
Another way to imagine ideas for your writing is to look to history. As the saying goes, there are no original ideas anymore. I do believe this to be true, but we can write something new using original ideas as inspiration. We can also apply this rule to the history books.

Choose a country you have heard of, but don't know that much about. After choosing a country, find out how many ethnic diversities exist in this country. Some nations have a huge variety, some not so much. Choose an ethnic group and delve into their culture.

Different cultures around the world do things differently. This opens up the possibility to see ordinary situations in a new perspective, and can even open doors for you to begin writing characters from different cultures. Don't be scared of making mistakes, but be sure to consult someone from that culture about your writing. If you intend to publish that is! 

Way 8:
I hope you have a dart. If you don't, we can always improvise. Start with a sheet of paper and a pen. Now write down five colors you like at random points on the paper. Now think of cities or towns you like, choose five, and write them down. Do the same process for: fruits, vehicles, verbs, household machines, industrial machines, female names, male names, adjectives, and languages. If done correctly, you should have a sheet of paper filled with random words.

Now take a dart and throw it. Do this five times to get five random words. Use these words and construct a small paragraph or micro fiction. 

If you don't have a dart, close your eyes, move the sheet around, and use your finger. Should be interesting to see what you come up with!

Way 9:
This next one is a bit of fun but still an awesome way to imagine ideas for your writing. Similar to Way 5, this one uses a random generator. The key difference is that we will be using a meme generator. This generator loads a random meme game loads a meme from Reddit. Change meme by pressing the spacebar. Use the random memes you encounter to inspire a short fictional paragraph. 

My first meme using this generator was somebody holding an ice cream cone under the leaning tower of Pisa. For example, why is she there? Is she a holiday maker? A native? Who is she with? Is this her first time there? 

The generator game can take around a minute to load up but is worth it in my opinion. Click here to open the generator.

Bonus: the generator includes cool lo-fi music for browsing random memes.

Way 10:
For our final method, it may seems simple, but it works. I want you to go for a 15 minute walk near your home, or to the local park. How does this help? Well imagination spawns from inspiration. Inspiration needs some form of stimulation and there is no better stimulation that the outside world. It may seem uneventful, or boring, but a small walk can do wonders for inspiration. 

You will observe so many things. If you live in a city, you will see countless people from all kinds of backgrounds. They will all have their own look, their own aesthetic. They will be on their own daily missions. Where are they going? If you live in the country, you are surrounded by nature. See what wildlife you can come across. Take in the scenery. Think about how you would describe that scenery to your reader.

So, all in all, I tried to write this list of unique ways to imagine ideas to be different. That is, I didn't want this list to feel like a prompt list. Rather, I wanted this list to act as a resource to help you come up with your own prompts. You can let me know how you did on Twitter: via Lore's account or my own.

Until next time, keep writing!