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Creative Writing Ideas - 5 Ideas to Fuel Your Imagination

Creative writing ideas can be hard to come by at times. Every writer, from the most prolific writers to the newcomers, will all encounter writer's block at some point or another. The act of writing is a creative endeavor and one that cannot easily be forced. Many argue that you should never force your won creative imagination process, and I agree, but if you are a career writer then writer's block can literally cost you dearly.

With that in mind, this list is designed to be a hybrid list with varied and detailed instructions to delve into your imagination. I wanted to keep this post short, and to the point, while keeping it detailed. You can also find a longer list of 12 creative creating writing prompts to imagine story ideas here - for another list to try.

Let's move onto the creative writing ideas!

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Idea 1:
Imagine you wake up and you find yourself in the middle of a forest. The forest looks completely alien to that which you know; so you are certainly not near home! How do you feel? What do you think? How would you react? Try imagine what you would do and how you would do it. Imagine why the place seems to alien to you. Is it the strange smell? Or maybe the trees and undergrowth look different from what you know. Are you in some far off land? An alien planet? What color is the sky? The clouds? Is it warm or cold?

Now write a short fiction passage about it. Do you try and find help? Do you start looking for food? Water? Do you dare explore? If you do, what do you find? Take the reader through the experience!

Idea 2:
For this creative writing idea, I want you to begin by thinking about a color. It can be any color, no matter how niche. If anything, the more obscure, the better. Now think about objects and places that you associate with this color. What was the first thing that popped into your head? What people (if any) do you associate with the connotations of that color? Is it a happy color for you? A sad one? Why?

I personally thought of aqua, and then dolphins, and then a video I once saw of a cat and a dolphin meeting. Strange, I know.

Now think about ways you can convey this emotion you feel for your example in a poem. If you have never tried poetry before, take a look at our poetry section for some inspiration. Try something new!

Idea 3:
For the third fiction based idea on this list, I want you to imagine you are a teenager again. If you are a teenager, I want you to think back to when you started school. Think about your most fond memories of this time frame, and think about why they are fond. What makes them so wonderful? Was it a particular event? Or maybe a person? 

Now capture this moment and write about it. Describe it in as much detail as you can remember. As you go, add small details to the story that define it as someone else's story rather than your own. For example, maybe you were eating an ice cream cone and your character is eating a lollipop. As you continue to write, make the differences diverge more and more from your original memories. Was it set in a city? Then set it in a town, or a different city. Keep doing this until the end of the memory you are recalling and you should have something new!

Idea 4:
For our fourth, and second last fictional idea, I want you to click here (this will open up Google Maps and take you to a unique place). Now, select an area, open up the photos, and take in the scenery. 

Use this scenery to write about either yourself or one of your characters in this place. Why are you (or they) there? What is it like? How does it feel? What do you smell? Where does your mind go? Delve deep and write!

Idea 5:
For the last creative writing idea, I want you to think about a city you have never visited. It can be anywhere. The next city over, or a city thousands of miles away. Both of these scenarios will be interesting to write about. 

If it is a city close by, why haven't you been there? Project these ideas, thoughts, and feelings into a story told from the first perspective. Perhaps it is a stream of consciousness. Maybe it is a memoir. 

If the city is far away, let your dreams run wild. What do you think it would be like? Why do you dream of this place? What is it about this place that has drawn you in? Is it the people? The sights to be seen? The varied culture?

That's all folks! Enjoy the list and be sure to tag Lore on Twitter if you churn out any stories with this list. Have a great day.

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