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The Snowman

by Stewart Storrar

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Anyhoo, after a long break, we are finally back to bring you a new story (which blurs the line to what a micro fiction is). While our publications have been very light in the later half of this year we are working hard to bring you more creative projects in the near future! With this in mind we introduce 'The Snowman' by Stewart Storrar for your enjoyment. It was written during a spur of inspiration by Stewart and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

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Image credit: Tom Hilton via Flickr

The wind chilled me to the bone and the sky was a haunting shade of charcoal. So when my eyes met it, and the surge of pity fluttered through my heart, it warmed my very soul with a viscus empathy. The aura of the place and sight was a strange euphoria I had never known in a sea of depression I’d uniquely owned.

It was easy to attribute this pity and empathy to the sight of the snowman. 

My world came crashing down around me, my choking thoughts, my crushing emotions, and the intended action that took me to that frozen lake on that fateful day. It all collapsed into an abyss during that moment of forgotten memories. The simplicity of its fleeting existence captured my reality in a sacred bond between who I seemed and who I was. 

Its solemn look. 

Its limited existence.

Its slither of time.

Finding the snowman gave me something I never thought I could find; something I had lost for what felt like aeons. I looked to the snowman and thought one simple thought that shattered what I had become.

Why are you sad?

In its childish simplicity the question warped my life, now teetering in the balance, into perspective. In that sense I see now what nobody could show me and what the world had been hiding from me. 

I saw it in the snowman, and then I saw it in myself. That was the day the call to the void stopped and the call of life resonated with everything I had been, towards everything I was going to be.


This flash fiction was written by Scottish writer Stewart Storrar, you can find his Twitter profile here. Be sure to follow his work. Currently he is working on his debut novel Strand and his debut graphic novel that is yet to be announced.  He is an avid writer that has written multiple flash fiction, micro fiction, and stories with morals at their core. He loves storytelling of all shapes and forms. 

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