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Our New Imprint 'Dark Lore'

Dark Lore's Logo

After a month or so of radio silence on our part, it is time for some good news. Over the past year since Lore Publication's new site launch we have worked on bringing you all poems, short stories, articles, original series' and even a book review - new territory for us!

While we have been publishing content from our old medium site and some new content from talented writers across the globe, Lore's Chief Editor has been working on his debut novel that is now nearing completion. With this debut novel almost ready for the online marketplace, we decided to launch a new imprint of Lore Publication called Dark Lore to handle our first commercial book launch.

So what is Dark Lore?

Dark Lore is the imprint we are launching to handle works of speculative fiction such as crime, thrillers, and drama as well as handle other types of fiction like horror. The imprint will exclusively publish full length book titles from the genres - so fans of these types of books take note!

On the lead up to our first commercial novel being available, we will have less free content being published here on the site but fear not! Our website will always be a place for short fiction, poetry, articles, and reviews that readers will be able to read for free. That is the core of what makes Lore what it is and that is most certainly here to stay.

With that short note our of the way, we hope you are staying safe in lockdown and you enjoy our new title when it is released! We haven't decided on a date yet but all in good time. Have a good day!