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'Remembering to Forget' A Poem by Sukanya Rajan - Lore Publication

'Remembering to Forget' A Poem

by Sukanya Rajan

Image credit: MabelAmber via Pixabay

I'm the faded old photograph,
Tucked away between pages,
Of the romantic novel,
You read in high school.

I'm the smell of coffee beans,
That greets you when you sip a latte macchiato,
On a rainy evening with your new found love.

I'm the lyrics of a song you sing no more,
I'm the high you get from the pills you take,
To drive the lonliness away.

I was there, I am here,
And I will be a part,
Of everything that you've ever touched,
To your lips,
Or laid your eyes upon.

Every city you breathe in,
The winds will bring my name to me.

And if not my name,
At least give to me the sigh that escapes your lips,
When you feel alone in a room of people.

When you'd hold the glass of 1973 Chavignol between your fingers,
Like you once held my hand,
I hope the colour of your wine,
Reminds you of the colour of my amber eyes,

But ah!

Where would you find the depth.

I'd live in every second your watch ticks by,
Every mile you drive out of town,
Where we lay beneath the ink sky and those million stars,
To make memories through the night.

Sometimes you grow, get over people.

But you'd never get over how they made you feel.

That's how they stay,
Like the aftertaste,
Of something you ate.

And no amount of alcohol could make you forget it.

This poem was written by Sukanya Rajan. Sukanya draws her inspiration from life events as well as the world around her. She believes in living life to its fullest while remaining true to what makes us human.

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