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'Reality's Truth' A Micro Poetry Collection

by Stewart Storrar

Shattered Bonds

The world feels,
Like a clash of fates,
Under a star struck sky.

Like the bonds of love,
Have shattered reality.

My reality,
And yours.

To become melded into one twist of fate,
In a universe of forgotten dreams.

Yet here I stand,
Living mine.


As the tide turns,
Upon the full moon,
And the planets dance among the stars,
The want of the self dissolves away,
Known only to memory,
For the spirit to join,
Our universal existence.

I realise I am not alone,
And I never was.

See Me

See my eyes,
The twinkle of their warmth,
A forever promise bound,
With one look.

See my soul,
It's intentions clear,
As the sky above,
Defeats the gloom.

See me,
All of me,
That's all I ask,
And all I want.

The Fool's World

Once a raging tempest of opinion,
Now tame.
Once a fire worthy of brimstone,
Now extinguished.
Once a spark of lightning,
Now diffused.

This world,
It once was.
Now, its not.

Yet all you see is you.

This micropoetry collection Reality's Truth was written by Stewart Storrar.

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