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As everyone is well aware, COVID-19 is spreading. With so many people going into quarantine because of the coronavirus, including my own family members, I want to do my part with Lore by providing those currently in quarantine with one post in which you can find all our content. Everyone seems glued to their screens in search of the next coronavirus update and Lore wants to distract you from the virus for a little while; so sit back, relax as best you can, and work your way through all our free content.

While we may not have much at the moment, put COVID-19 on the backburner for a while and enjoy what we do have below!

This post was written by Stewart Storrar.

Acting as a community, Lore's founder believes that words and art are what separate us from the animals. He wants to honour that by sharing the best poetry, and stories with the world.

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