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'Silence' A Poetic Dyad

by Sukanya Rajan and Stewart Storrar

'The Void' 

by Sukanya Rajan

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Image credit: ipicgr via Pixabay

There was a void,
Then there was light.

There was his voice,
His touch made me quiver.
His fragrance lingered,
Like the dew every morning,
Like the dreams that kept coming back,
Like the waves that washed away sandcastles,
Like the wind that bent the daffodils on the sidewalk,
Like a phone that kept ringing,
Like the letters left unanswered.

The birthdays kept coming.

His voice rang in my head,
Like a beautiful symphony that would be the end of me if it stopped.

A thousand pictures lying on the floor,
Do I even recognise us any more?

Like the seasons that come one after the next,
Like the unassuming traffic,
I see through the window of a hotel,
In an unknown town,
In an unknown date,
The calendar has failed me.

I need to stop tasting you on my tongue,
Like a pill I can't swallow,
Like a high I can't get,
Like a breakfast in a picturesque town left unfinished,
Like words of a foreign language I can't seem to pronounce correctly.

Every time I close my eyes,
I think I forget.

And then there is the void.

'Unspoken Melody' 

by Stewart Storrar

Image credit: MIH83 via Pixabay

It is the tree rustling in the shrill wind,
The amber leaf that falls from the tree,
The loose rock from the rigid cliff face,
The rogue cloud in a clear sky.

It is the smouldering ash,
To the raging flames.

The mighty sword,
To the broken shield.

What I am is your perfect chaos.

The chaos you refuse to face.

The first poem, The Void, was written by Sukanya Rajan.

The second poem, Unspoken Melody, was written by Stewart Storrar. 

Together, Sukanya and Stewart wanted to try something different and thus a Poetic Dyad was born! Enjoy!

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