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'A Disturbance in the Nest' A Poem

by Jospeh S. Pete

Image credit: wpoeschi via Pixabay

The moon was wan, 
the night was dark,
the clouds a sepulchral tomb,
the owl's lonely hoot pierced,
 through the slate of gloom.

Unyoked from the ruddy glow of the TV's rapport,
he stumbled into the chill fall night out of the foreboding door.

A few beers in, he figured it was time to show those wasps what-for,
his erstwhile confrontation with that nest had shaken him to the core.

But now liquid courage bequeathed him a shot of fortitude,
he'd poison them all until they were decomposing worm food.

He sprayed and sprayed and sprayed,

and then he sprayed some raid some more.
He sprayed and sprayed until the whole hive was croaked,
even the last bete noir.

After he released the foggy chemical onslaught,

they were all surely dead.
He stood triumphant as death incarnate,
until the intricate comb flooding with red.

That's when there was a wheezing sound,
and the buzzing missiles circled round.
One grazed his wrist, the next his neck,
And his heart began to pound.

He should've gotten out of there,
but fear left him paralysed.
It was the deathly pitch of night;
no one would hear his cries.

That's when he felt the first burn of a sting,
and then the sting's started to mount.
Soon he could no loner breathe his laboured breaths,
as his fading vision gave out.

The owl unleashed a cri de coeur as he twitched upon the ground,
he tried to call out for help,
but could not muster a sound.

This poem was written by Joseph S. Pete, an award-winning journalist, an Iraq War veteran, an Indiana University Graduate, a photographer and a frequent guest on Lakeshore Public Radio. He is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Nominee who has read his work for the Fictitious series on the iO Theatre Stage, had a play staged at the Detroit Heritage Theatre Festival, and was named the Poet Laureate of Chicago BaconFest, a feat that Geoffrey Chaucer chump never accomplished. His work has appeared in more that 100 journals, including the Tipton Poetry Journal, Proximity Magazine, Stoneboat, The Offbeat, The Perch Magazine, Blue Collar Review, and elsewhere. Like Bartleby, he would prefer not to!

Check out Joseph's GoodReads here and his Twitter account here.

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