Lore Publication's Fantasy Writing Contest 2020: Rules, Guidelines and Everything You Need to Know!

Lore Publication 

Fantasy Writing Contest: 2020

 Hello and welcome to Lore! Today we have an exciting announcement. For those who follow Lore closely, you will know that a fantasy writing contest has been in the works for some time. We a read to unveil the first (of hopefully many) writing contests from Lore for all the budding (or seasoned) writers out there.

We are looking for the best fantasy out there; from medieval fantasy all the way through to high science fantasy. We accept already published stories (as long as they are not bound in a contract or agreement). 

Contest Dates: 

  • Accepting submissions from 1st February 2020 
  • Submissions close 1st June 2020 
  • Judging window ends 1st September 2020 (but may be extended or shortened as per need). 
  • Winners announced 1 month after Judging Window ends 

Rules & Guidelines: 

  • Stories of 1000 words (10% margin either way) 
  • Stories that belong to the Fantasy genre only 
  • Stories that are original work 
  • No poetry 
  • No fan fiction 
  • No excessive gore or sexual violence 
  • No hate speech of any kind 
  • Maximum of one entry per person (work with multiple authors counted as one person)

Contest Prize: 

  • £20 ($23, 21 EUR) transfer via Paypal. 
  • Publication of your story on Lore Publication’s website 
  • Inclusion of your story in Lore’s first anthology.

Entry Fees: 

  • Abolished (if you have already paid and we have not contacted you about a refund, do contact us!)

How to Submit: 
To submit your story to the contest, follow these steps below. 

  • At the top of your story have the story title, your name, email address and mobile number listed. Justify these to the left hand side in Font Size 16, Times New Roman font. 
  • For formatting, format your story in Font Size 14, using either the Calibri or Times New Roman font.
  • When sending the email, use this format for the subject line: [Submission] Your Name’s Entry. 

After submitting your entry we will get back to you only if there has been a problem with your submission. It keeps things simple and effective! Thank you for reading and we hope you have a lovely day. (writing turtle says hi!)