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'Musings in Love' A Poem

by Sukanya Rajan

Image credit: klimkin

We lay so close,
That it was my heartbeat,
That made you breathe.

 My face continued,
That smile you started,
My adrenaline pulsated,
Through your veins,
My soul rebelled.

It was a rebellion,
Against its own being,
For it wanted to escape into you,
When our fingers were intertwined.

And when our lips met,
You gave closure,
To all the ends I'd left untied,
In all the years I was alive,

It was hard to tell if you were a part of me,
Or I was a part of you.

Or, maybe,

Both of us were part,
Of the universe's conspiracy.

This poem was written by Sukanya Rajan. Sukanya draws her inspiration from life events as well as the world around her. She believes in living life to its fullest while remaining true to what makes us human.

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