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'Alchemy' A Poem

by Sukanya Rajan

Image credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay


I'm everything at once,
And nothing at all.

I'm the sky,
I'm the stars,

I'm the petals in the spring,
And the crimson leaves in the fall.

I'm the azure waters of a town,
Quaint and afar,

I'm the cacophony of a city street,
Buzzing with cars.

I'm happiness,
I'm sorrow,
I'm yesterday,
I'm tomorrow.

I'm the dark that envelopes the light,
I'm the wrong stemming from rights.

I'm everything and I am nothing.

All at once, or none at all.

This poem was written by Sukanya Rajan. The first of many poems from this wonderful writer, Sukanya draws her inspiration from life events as well as the world around her. She believes in living life to its fullest while remaining true to what makes us human.

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