Poetry Mondays: 'The Song of Your Stars' A Poem by Stewart Storrar - Lore Publication

The Song of Your Stars
by Stewart Storrar

Image credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay

I am the voice of star struck poets,

The call of the enchanted singer,

The vision of the inspired filmmaker,

And the rhythm of bards alike.

What be I, I hear you ask?

I am everything and nothing,

The fate of a million dreams failed,

The destiny of a million more realized.

I am the wind to the sails of time,

The current to the waters of reality.

I am what you fear,
But also what you love.

I am life as you lead it.

I am the song of your stars.

This poem was written by Stewart Storrar, the founder of Lore Publication. With a love for poetry that dates back years into his high school days, Stewart has always been a keen poet as well as a keen creative writer. This poem was originally published by P.S. I Love You, an online medium publication that Stewart has also worked with in the past. Be sure to check them out too and enjoy! 

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