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'Radiance' A Micropoetry Collection

by Stewart Storrar

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Image credit: vuxoan via Pixabay


It was as if the glow of a thousand candles,
twinkled in the night sky,
The shroud of darkness curling round,
all that the eye may see.
However, all that the eye may see,
is not the twinkle of a thousand candles,
in the heavens above,
Nor the shroud of darkness.

It was the twinkle in the eyes of my love,
And the glow of her skin to match.


The fibre of my being,
Did not know,
The pain of separation,
As life's woe.


With the pain of separation,
Comes my value of you,
The only living soul,
To which I am true.

Hearts' Meeting

I can see that look in your eye,
Upon the eve of our meeting,
Our love sparks,
Our hearts' fleeting.

What is your pain,
That hidden sorrow?
Today marks,
Our new tomorrow.

So don't give into that fear,
See that tomorrow,
Live your life,
Forget that sorrow.


Love her wild,
Or let her go.
There are no half measures.

This romantic poetry collection was written by Stewart Storrar, the founder of Lore Publication. With a love for poetry and poem writing that dates back years into his high school days, Stewart has always been a keen poet as well as a keen creative writer. This week for Poetry Monday, Lore decided to put out another collection of some of Stewart's micro poetry into one post. The poetry above was written from one soul to another, for a person he loves dearly. Enjoy.

Here at Lore we love to read poem creations from writers all across the world. No matter if it is your first poem or your hundredth poem, we will welcome it with open arms to see if it fits with what we publish here at Lore.

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