Poetry Mondays: 'Evanesence' A Micropoetry Collection by Stewart Storrar - Lore Publication

Evanesence: A Micropoetry Collection
by Stewart Storrar

a lens flare that looks like an eclipse
Credit: geralt via Pixabay


Look to the ashes of what once was,
then to the foundations of what needs to be.
Build from the past, towards the future,
And don't lose too much along the way.


Time is a unique enigma,
A resource of life one can never get back,
Yet a resource of life one can fail to spend.
Human nature is to want more of what we cannot have,
Yet time is never wanted,
Only wasted.


The pattern of love,
And the pattern of madness,
Are one in the same.

The love that drives us mad,
Is akin to the nature of madness,
In the loss of that which we love.

This is the true nature of love and loss.


From the depths of the deepest ocean,
To the crest of the tallest mountain.
The heart of the world awaits,
For those who are lost to discover.

This collection was written by Stewart Storrar, the founder of Lore Publication. With a love for poetry that dates back years into his high school days, Stewart has always been a keen poet as well as a keen creative writer. This week for Poetry Monday, Lore decided to put out something new; rather than one poem, we decided to collate some of Stewart's micro poetry into one post - enjoy! 

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