Poetry Monday: Our Tales by Stewart Storrar - Lore Publication

 Our Tales

by Stewart Storrar

sun rising over a beautiful scenic mountain landscape above the clouds
Credit: Dan Fador via Pixabay

Is it not that our tales are twined in the essence of fate?

Or are we merely pawns on the universal chessboard of life?

Maybe. But,

Fear not,
For it is watchful.

You have been chosen,
As have we all.

Are our stories forever told and twined?
Or do we carve our path like a river through a landscape?

What is love, if not a feeling?

You may consider…

Love to be all that you want, all that you need,
Simply realized.

Realized in its purest form.

Or, if you like,
Or, if it likes,

Love is realized,
In our tales told.

Our Tales is a poem written by Stewart Storrar, the founder of Lore Publication. With a love for poetry that dates back years into his high school days, Stewart has always been a keen poet as well as a keen creative writer. Two weeks ago, Stewart ran a poll on Lore Publication's Twitter account and  you all spoke out! You want to see weekly poetry here on Lore as well as our articles and short stories. With that in mind, this is the second poem published for our Poetry Monday segments here on the website blog! If you are looking to get poetry featured here on Lore, be sure to contact Lore via our email address or social media to talk more about it!

Currently Lore is accepting any kind of poetry from dark, gothic poems to light haerted love poems (and all the good stuff in between). Get submitting!