'Burn' A Love Poem by Sukanya Rajan - Lore Publication


by Sukanya Rajan

poetry, poem, romantic poetry
Credit: comfreak via pixabay

I dance through the crimson fire,
The flames licking my body, 
Gyrating to a rhythmless dissonance,
The horizon is ablaze, 
And a mere touch becomes a conflagration.

Through the clouds, 
Terra firma and the,
Limitless expanse of unsuspecting,
Tranquil water,
Your breath fanning my flames, 
I’m trapped in my own inferno. 

Everything I see is charred,
And the flames slowly die down,
An assemblage of thoughts flood my quietude,
 Leaving me with a question- 

Did my soul ignite the fire? 

Or was my soul ignited by it?

Nonetheless, a pyrrhic victory.

This poem 'Burn' was written by Sukanya Rajan. The first of many from this wonderful writer, Sukanya draws her inspiration from life events as well as the world around her to craft her art. She believes in living life to its fullest while remaining true to what makes us human.

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