How To Get Rid of Writer's Block in 3 Quick Ways

How To Get Rid of Writer's Block in 3 Quick Ways - Lore Publication

Hello! For those new here, Lore is a website dedicated to publishing quality works of fiction from talented writers all across the world for avid readers all across the world. Lore aims publish insightful media for insightful minds and for fiction we focus on bringing you horror, scifi, fantasy, mystery and thriller themed stories. Currently Lore primarily publishes free flash fiction and free short stories but we also occasionally publish resources to help writers refine their craft. These resources are usually articles such as writing tips for beginners, guides on writing styles, writing genres, and even lists of creative writing prompts.

Today Lore is publishing a short article on writer's block to help you on your writing journey. No matter if you are currently suffering from it or not, this short article will (hopefully) help you learn how to get rid of writer's block. The human mind is a wonderfully creative thing and there are writing tips and tricks to shunt you out of your block!

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Getting Rid of Writer's Block Method One: The Walk

The human mind is an enigma and it always has been. Thinking over all the wonderful things human beings have created, from Einstein's Theories to Shakespeare's Plays, it is a wonder that we still use so little of the human brain. In a fairly recent study back in 2014 by Stanford, human beings discovered that there is a link between creativity and creative thinking with walking. As trivial and unusual as this may seem, the connection seems to exist. While this article is far too short to go into the fine details of why this is the case, the study can be found here for your reading purposes. I have even found that most of my ideas or story development ideas come to me when I am out and about, either shopping or running errands!

Getting Rid of Writer's Block Method Two: Meditation

Meditation has long been a way for people all across the world to quiet their mind and find some form of inner peace. It is a wonderful practice that dates back thousands of years and while you may not know how to meditate, I have found one technique to be fairly useful. Firstly, you may be asking, how can this help break a writer's block? While meditiation does wonders to calm you, this may not necessarily break you from your block. However, writer's block tends to be produced when you get tunnel vision on a subject. With that in mind, trying to rid yourself of this tunnel vision may give you a new perspective or angle to tackle your story from. Meditation can help you centre yourself, almost as if hitting a reset button. This may also help you out of your tunnel vision and thus, help you past writer's block. It is certainly worth a try! 


Getting Rid of Writer's Block Method Three: Skip It

Lastly, a more simply way to get past your writer's block is to skip this specific part of your story. This method may only work for people working on longer length novellas or novels but there are no rules here; there is nothing to say that this method may not work with shorter stories. For me, this is a method that has worked for me in the past while I have worked on my novels. Acutally, a few days ago when working on my new horror project, I used this method to skip ahead in the story. I knew where I wanted to go with the story and thus I wrote the next 'scene' or paragraph first. I then jumped back to the point I was suffering from writer's block to write that section. While it didn't break my block right away, it did help quicken the process I feel (as usually I can have writer's block for hours). In any case, as simple as it may sound, simple skipping ahead to the next section foy our story can work.

So there you have it folks! How to get rid of writer's block in 3 quick ways. While these methods may seem simple, having tried them myself, they have worked for me. As a professional freelancer, writing is how I make a living and writer's block can mean late delivery or (worst case scenario) no payment. When I stumble into writer's block, these are the methods that I use. All that being said, I hope these methods work for you and that you have a lovely day!