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A Diamond Among The Rough: A Free Flash Fiction (Science Fiction) 

Welcome to Lore Publication, a place to find free short stories and free flash fictions for all your reading needs! We publish horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller and mystery themed stories and invite you to join us and support our writers. We pride ourselves on bringing you thought provoking fiction at no cost at all; free reading for the avid bookworm.We realize that not everybody can afford new ebooks and free ebooks are a way of combating this problem. Our free stories are no different! 

Today we are publishing A Diamond Among The Rough, an urban science fantasy fiction story! This story was origianlly submitted to Lore Publication for our launch competition and was selected as the Grand Winner from all the entries. With the launch of Lore Publication on blogger, it is now free to read right here as it was on Medium! With all that said, enjoy! 😄

Image credit: George Hodan

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