10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes

10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes: Volume Two

Hello and welcome back to Lore Publication. Just as we publish free short stories and free flash fiction for readers across the world to enjoy, we also publish free self help and improvement articles for writers across the world; everything from writing tips and tricks to writing techniques for beginners! Lore Publication was founded as a place writers can get their work to readers and part of this task is helping develop those writing skills. Volume one of our 10 creative writing prompts was popular and you loved it! With that in mind, Lore has compiled another list of 10 creative writing prompts you can do in just 10 minutes. Let's develop those writing skills and get creative! Who knows? Maybe you can find a few short story ideas or use these as short story prompts!

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Writing Prompt #10:

For this first writing prompt, we want you to first imagine a world in which teleportation of a human has just been made possible. This prompt is a conceptual prompt and focusses on the idea, opposed to the next writing prompt that will be situational. Now, imagine yourself in this world with teleportation.

How would you react? What would your first impression be? Write a short paragraph characterizing your own personal feelings into your own self as a character in this world.

Writing Prompt #9:

For this second writing prompt, Lore has a situational writing prompt for you. Situational writing prompts are some of my favourite as they may challenge you into writing a situation or genre you may not be comfortable with. This is ideal for tackling writer's block. To really understand a subject, one must study all its aspects in varying detail! Even if this prompt's fictional genre is not for you, give it a try!

My shield shattered from the blow. The once polished oak shattered into what seemed like a thousand pieces. With its shattering, I found myself thrown to the ground. My head bounced off the inside of my leather helm as I hit it hard. My sword's hilt was absent from my hand. All I could think about was the cheering crowd as the final blow sliced through the air towards me...

Writing Prompt #8:

For this third writing prompt, you will need to rely on your own memories and interpretation of your feelings. Analyze how the image below makes you feel, the situations you imagine happening there and who they are happening too. Some people find images far more effective at getting their creativity going so give it a go!

Image credit: Solomon D. Butcher

Writing Prompt #7:

Coming in at the number seven spot on our 10 creative writing prompts you can do in 10 minutes we have a memory prompt. A lost of writers ask themselves the question, how do I get rid of writer's block?Or, how do other writers get over writer's block? I have always found that mamory prompts are brilliant at spurring on your creativity in a unique way that can get you out that hole! This is because  everyone will associate different things with the word below and thus will create something different. Read the word below several times and something, someplace or someone will come to mind. Write about whatever comes into your mind in any way you see fit!


Writing Prompt #6:

Similar to number seven's entry, this entry will be another memory based writing prompt. However, this prompt will be a bit more restrictive to narrow down what can be written. This may seem bad at first but writing what you are not familiar with and what is not natural for you can often do wonders for your creativity. While creativity cannot be taught, it can certainly be nurtured. First, think of a place that you associate with the first word. Then write a story that either contains or has its main subject based upon the second word.

Pearl Necklace.

Writing Prompt #5:

For our fifth writing prompt on the list we will be bringing back a style of prompt that was popular in our last list, 25 creative writing prompts for adults. Observe the GIF image below and let it inspire a short paragraph or two to help fight your writer's block. Let the words flow and allow your words some freedom.

Image credit: orbojunglist via Reddit

Writing Prompt #4:

Number four is a short writing prompt for you all. Imagine one of your own characters in the situation below. How would they react and why would they react that way?

My suitcase soared from the window. I thought today was going to be a good day until it opened mid-air...

 Writing Prompt #3:

Lore really do love our situational wiritng prompts! Situations are always good writing prompts as most writer's block arises when we cannot think of where our characters go next or even what they do next. In situational writing prompts, both these can be answered for us (in a sense). Read the situation below and finish it how you see fit!

Blue lights flashed in the rear view mirror. A sudden flux of nervous anticipation surged through me. It was only when I pulled over that I...

Writing Prompt #2:

For our second last writing prompt for today we have a horror prompt for all the fans of the horror genre out there. Imagine the scene and picture every detail in your head, then write what naturally flows afterwards for you!

I heard it, at first, when the commerical was on. A slight sqeak of the floorboards upstairs. It caused me to pause and listen a little longer to no avail. Bobby, the cat at my side, didn't seem any wiser than I and still slept soundly on his cushion. Then it happened again. Bobby's ears shot up. I muted the television. Both of us definately heard it...

Writing Prompt #1:

For our number one spot (even though we have no specific order), we are going to round things off with a quick science fiction themed prompt. Even if you are not a fan of the scifi genre, give this one a go and adapt it for yourself. You never know what you could come up with!

It was the slight static buzzing sound. Wasn't external as my sound detection circuits were not receiveing an input that would match those frequencies. My internal diagnostic threw up no errors or internal sound generation that should not already exist, yet here it was, a persisting buzz...


Wait, Before You Go!

That was our second volume of creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. You can find our first volume here! Here at Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer's block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article.

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