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A Diamond Among The Rough: A Free Flash Fiction (Science Fiction) - Lore Publication

A Diamond Among The Rough: A Free Flash Fiction (Science Fiction) 


Welcome to Lore Publication, a place to find free short stories and free flash fictions for all your reading needs! We publish horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller and mystery themed stories and invite you to join us and support our writers. We pride ourselves on bringing you thought provoking fiction at no cost at all; free reading for the avid bookworm.We realize that not everybody can afford new ebooks and free ebooks are a way of combating this problem. Our free stories are no different! Today we are publishing A Diamond Among The Rough, an urban science fantasy fiction story! This story was origianlly submitted to Lore Publication for our launch competition and was selected as the Grand Winner from all the entries. With the launch of Lore Publication on blogger, it is now free to read right here as it was on Medium! With all that said, enjoy! πŸ˜„

Image credit: George Hodan

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10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes - Lore Publication

10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes: Volume Two

Hello and welcome back to Lore Publication. Just as we publish free short stories and free flash fiction for readers across the world to enjoy, we also publish free self help and improvement articles for writers across the world; everything from writing tips and tricks to writing techniques for beginners! Lore Publication was founded as a place writers can get their work to readers and part of this task is helping develop those writing skills. Volume one of our 10 creative writing prompts was popular and you loved it! With that in mind, Lore has compiled another list of 10 creative writing prompts you can do in just 10 minutes. Let's develop those writing skills and get creative! Who knows? Maybe you can find a few short story ideas or use these as short story prompts!

Image credit pixabay

Writing Prompt #10:

For this first writing prompt, we want you to first imagine a world in which teleportation of a human has just been made possible. This prompt is a conceptual prompt and focusses on the idea, opposed to the next writing prompt that will be situational. Now, imagine yourself in this world with teleportation.

How would you react? What would your first impression be? Write a short paragraph characterizing your own personal feelings into your own self as a character in this world.

Writing Prompt #9:

For this second writing prompt, Lore has a situational writing prompt for you. Situational writing prompts are some of my favourite as they may challenge you into writing a situation or genre you may not be comfortable with. This is ideal for tackling writer's block. To really understand a subject, one must study all its aspects in varying detail! Even if this prompt's fictional genre is not for you, give it a try!

My shield shattered from the blow. The once polished oak shattered into what seemed like a thousand pieces. With its shattering, I found myself thrown to the ground. My head bounced off the inside of my leather helm as I hit it hard. My sword's hilt was absent from my hand. All I could think about was the cheering crowd as the final blow sliced through the air towards me...

Writing Prompt #8:

For this third writing prompt, you will need to rely on your own memories and interpretation of your feelings. Analyze how the image below makes you feel, the situations you imagine happening there and who they are happening too. Some people find images far more effective at getting their creativity going so give it a go!

Image credit: Solomon D. Butcher

Writing Prompt #7:

Coming in at the number seven spot on our 10 creative writing prompts you can do in 10 minutes we have a memory prompt. A lost of writers ask themselves the question, how do I get rid of writer's block?Or, how do other writers get over writer's block? I have always found that mamory prompts are brilliant at spurring on your creativity in a unique way that can get you out that hole! This is because  everyone will associate different things with the word below and thus will create something different. Read the word below several times and something, someplace or someone will come to mind. Write about whatever comes into your mind in any way you see fit!


Writing Prompt #6:

Similar to number seven's entry, this entry will be another memory based writing prompt. However, this prompt will be a bit more restrictive to narrow down what can be written. This may seem bad at first but writing what you are not familiar with and what is not natural for you can often do wonders for your creativity. While creativity cannot be taught, it can certainly be nurtured. First, think of a place that you associate with the first word. Then write a story that either contains or has its main subject based upon the second word.

Pearl Necklace.

Writing Prompt #5:

For our fifth writing prompt on the list we will be bringing back a style of prompt that was popular in our last list, 25 creative writing prompts for adults. Observe the GIF image below and let it inspire a short paragraph or two to help fight your writer's block. Let the words flow and allow your words some freedom.

Image credit: orbojunglist via Reddit

Writing Prompt #4:

Number four is a short writing prompt for you all. Imagine one of your own characters in the situation below. How would they react and why would they react that way?

My suitcase soared from the window. I thought today was going to be a good day until it opened mid-air...

 Writing Prompt #3:

Lore really do love our situational wiritng prompts! Situations are always good writing prompts as most writer's block arises when we cannot think of where our characters go next or even what they do next. In situational writing prompts, both these can be answered for us (in a sense). Read the situation below and finish it how you see fit!

Blue lights flashed in the rear view mirror. A sudden flux of nervous anticipation surged through me. It was only when I pulled over that I...

Writing Prompt #2:

For our second last writing prompt for today we have a horror prompt for all the fans of the horror genre out there. Imagine the scene and picture every detail in your head, then write what naturally flows afterwards for you!

I heard it, at first, when the commerical was on. A slight sqeak of the floorboards upstairs. It caused me to pause and listen a little longer to no avail. Bobby, the cat at my side, didn't seem any wiser than I and still slept soundly on his cushion. Then it happened again. Bobby's ears shot up. I muted the television. Both of us definately heard it...

Writing Prompt #1:

For our number one spot (even though we have no specific order), we are going to round things off with a quick science fiction themed prompt. Even if you are not a fan of the scifi genre, give this one a go and adapt it for yourself. You never know what you could come up with!

It was the slight static buzzing sound. Wasn't external as my sound detection circuits were not receiveing an input that would match those frequencies. My internal diagnostic threw up no errors or internal sound generation that should not already exist, yet here it was, a persisting buzz...


Wait, Before You Go!

That was our second volume of creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. You can find our first volume here! Here at Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer's block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article.

Be sure to follow Lore here on Blogger for new articles. We also publish free short stories and free flash fictions for all your reading needs so be sure to check them out if that is something you would like! Lastly, you can find Lore's Twitter account here for updates on our new releases. Have a lovely day!

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Semper Fidelis: A Free Flash Fiction (Mystery)

Semper Fidelis: A Free Flash Fiction (Mystery)

Welcome to Lore Publication! If you are new here, Lore is a place where you can find monthly posts that bring you free short stories and free flash fictions for all your reading needs! Just as free ebooks exist to bring people stories at no cost - because forking out for new books every month can take its toll - Lore brings you free short fiction to help all you book worms out there! With that said, we publish horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller and mystery themed stories for you to delve into.

Today we are publishing a light hearted mystery for you called Semper Fidelis. Enjoy! πŸ’™

Image credit: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

It had seemed like any other day to her. She woke from the faint rays of sunlight cutting through her thin, cream coloured curtains. Her cat was softly purring away, asleep at the foot of her bed. The glass of water sat on her bedside table that she had left there for herself the night before. She lifted it, sipped the lukewarm liquid and glanced at her clock.

She sat her glass down and swung her legs out from underneath her cotton bed covers. She felt the stirring of Whistle, her cat, as his ears popped up to greet her. She let her hand rest atop his delicate head and heard a purr of satisfaction. Sliding each foot into a slipper, she stood from the bed and turned off her alarm set on the clock. She didn’t want to disturb Whistle more than she already had.

She stumbled from the bathroom in her pajamas, having completed her morning brush. She glanced back over to the bed to see Whistle fast asleep, undisturbed. With a smile she made for her bedroom door, picking up the glass of water on the way. Taking another sip, she opened up the door and left; being careful not to wake Whistle on her way out.

She glanced to the clock above the sink. The microwave dinged and she took out her breakfast; porridge. Sitting on her sofa, she switched on her TV to watch the morning news as she ate. Nothing too important, no major world events that would impact her. After a while she finished her food to hear the patter of paws against the laminated flooring. She turned round to see Whistle plodding towards her. Time to get his breakfast.

With his food dish on the floor and his water bowl across the hall filled, she let Whistle set about his breakfast. Leaving for her bedroom, she jumped out her slippers, slid off her shirt and pulled off her pajama trousers. She gave a quick glance to her naked self in the mirror, cursing at her imperfect perception of her own body, before opening it up to reveal a wardrobe. Carefully selecting her outfit for the coming occasion, she proceeded to dress herself and apply her make up.

The bus, as usual, was late. It just happened to be that little bit later than the usual late and as a consequence, it would make her late.


When it pulled up with its distressed looking driver, she hurried on; flashing her bus pass at the ragged looking, overweight man. He seemed to scan it quickly through his horn rimmed spectacles and nod her on; not that he was going to stop her. Not that anything was going to stop her. As she sat on her usual seat, she watched an elderly woman carrying bagfuls of shopping dwindle onto the vehicle and sighed. Today was going to be a long day.

She barged into the office, her laptop bag in trail. The main cubicles for the senior staff were all empty bar one.
“Has it started?” she asked. The short, blonde woman in the occupied cubicle was fresh out of university and through fluke, had landed in a senior position. She hated her for that.
“The meeting? Yeah.” The blonde smiled as she spoke with a smug authority. Bitch.

She straightened her hair in the bathroom, re-applied her lipstick and picked up her notes. She may be twelve minutes late but if she looked good, it gave her a confidence boost. She quickly scanned over the notes she held in her hands, double checking she had everything she needed. Content, she left for the boardroom.

She walked out of the boardroom with more notes than she had entered with. She had not been received well by her superiors. This had been her chance to get the promotion and she blew it. If she wasn’t punctual, she could kiss any promotion chance goodbye. She walked over to her cubicle and gathered up her things. She needed to head down to the flagship store and update the manager there about the changes in policy. She sighed. Picking up her bag, she left in the wake of a smug smile from the blonde.

She wasn’t even half way into the briefing and even she felt bored. The tension in the room was horrific. She looked on at the managers before her, and as she gave her presentation, she wished them mercy. She was far too near the top to be doing store visits like this. She was getting tired of the fake smile and the simulated enthusiasm every board member was expected to convey. She knew, that they knew, she was faking. Everyone did, really, deep down. It wasn’t her creation, her company. She wasn’t passionate. This was a job, not a career, and it showed.

She sat in the back of the company car as the driver took her back to the head office. The consultation on updating the flagship store about policy was most certainly a punishment for her almost habitual, dilatory nature. For all her efforts, time was her worst enemy. She was good at her job and that was the only reason she had not been fired yet. With a sigh, she plugged in some earphones and sunk into a podcast.

The day was over. She hadn’t gone home on time like she usually did. Whistle had enough food to last him, he would be fine. It hadn’t been long since she entered the bar that a dark haired man, fairly tall, in a neatly pressed suit, began to eye her from the other side. She smiled.

She didn’t need to take a bus, he had paid for a cab. Calvin was his name. An attractive, handsome lawyer. Not that it mattered too much. He wasn’t really her type, at least, not for anything long term. She needed a release and so, as they left the cab to go into her apartment, she felt a flutter of excitement. The door closed.

She lay in her bed. Calvin was asleep. She glanced over at his clothes, neatly folded over her dressing chair. Then she looked to hers, scattered across the wooden floor. She lay there and wondered. Not about Calvin but rather, about Whistle. She had briefly caught a glimpse of him out the corner of her eye when they came in. He sat atop the sofa contently, simply observing them as they stumbled away into the bedroom. She glanced to Calvin, lifted his arm off her chest and slipped from the bed.

She had found Whistle. He was asleep, curled up on the sofa. He must have known. He always fell asleep at the foot of her bed. She smiled. Making her way over to the sofa she sat down and curled up next to him. It was only at this point that she felt something she had not felt all night. His soft purr soothed her to the soul. She felt content, but she felt more than that.

She felt love.

Writer Information - Before You Go!

This light hearted flash fiction was written by Stewart Storrar, a young Scottish writer and founder of Lore! Be sure to check Stewart out over on his Twitter account to stay up to date with his work. This specific flash fiction was first published on the Medium publication P.S. I Love You by Stewart before he published it on Lore Fiction when Lore existed on Medium. As of now it has been ported over to Lore's new home on Blogger.

Be sure to follow Lore Publication here on Blogger; never miss a story! We also have a Twitter account that can be found here. Have a nice day!

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25 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults - Lore Publication

25 Creative Writing Prompts for Adults

Hello and welcome back to Lore Publication! If this is your first time finding us, we are an online publication that publishes all sorts of goodies - from free short stories and free flash fiction to writing tips and tricks for beginners. For fiction, we mainly publish horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller and mystery themed stories. All the details of our submission process can be found on the Submit page. We also like publishing articles that can help writers improve their craft such as articles of different writing technqiues and in today's case, writing prompts!

Below we have a list of 25 creative writing prompts for adults. While not exactly R rated, some of the prompts will approach dark themes and wouldn't be suitable for kids. Just a friendly warning! Perhaps you will find your next book idea or a few short story prompts lurking in one of these entries. Or maybe you just want to break through your writer's block for today. In any case, here are 25 writing prompts for all you adults out there πŸ‘€πŸ˜ƒ

an open notebook with a pencil, ready to be written on
Image credit: pixabay

Writing Prompt #25:

For today's first writing prompt, we will be giving you a situational writing prompt. Put yourself in the situation. How would you feel? How would you react? Don't over think it and just go with what naturally comes into your head. 


Imagine you are a cat being brought back to your new home for the first time. What is the experience like? Where do you go first? How do you feel?

Writing Prompt #24:

Here we have a writing prompt meant to stir your memories. Write the first things that start coming into your head when you think about it. Then maybe question why? Why did you think of this? What is the deer doing? Is anyone nearby? Usually I always find a short sentence or two from that alone! The rest you can develop if you so wish.

Imagine a deer, isolated in the sparse wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. 

Writing Prompt #23:

Let's delve into some horror prompts for all the horror writers out there. Imagine this scenario and develop what happens next.

I first saw it in the distance; the headlamps. They wound their way up towards my small little cottage in the middle of the countryside. At first it was lovely to look at, it was s soothing reminder of civilization. Then it turned onto my road. Tonight I am not expecting any visitors...

Writing Prompt #22:

Another horror prompt? Coming right up!

I never knew that my cat could fly. It was the strange cat like shadow hovering above my computer screen that caused me to turn round. Apparently my cat never knew she could fly either but there she was, in the dead of the night, hovering in the middle of the room with a terrified expression on her face.

Writing Prompt #21:

We just can't resist. We promise this is the last one for now!

I followed him into the alleyway. He quickened his pace. So did I. We both knew, however, I like to think the knife resting in my pocket was my little secret...

Writing Prompt #20:

So for this writing prompt we want you to imagine the first thing that pops into mind when you read the word. After you have this item (or person) in mind, write a short paragraph that includes the second word. Let's see what you come up with!

A golden watch. 

Writing Prompt #19:

Similar to prompt #19, we want you to imagine whoever pops into your head when you read the word. Hold this person in mind and put them or it into situation that follows!

Blue hair.
This person learns that they need to stand in for you at a wedding. How do they react and why? 

Writing Prompt #18:

 Let's delve into some fantasy themed writing prompts! First, a situational writing prompt for you!

The sword felt heavy in my hands. The shield lay in a heap of the dead. Blood stained the once lush fields. I didn't know what was going to happen next. All I knew was...

Writing Prompt #17:

 Now we will move onto a conceptual writing prompt based in a fantasy theme. Take the concept and develop any kind of story from it. It could be a grand quest of a hero or villain. Or maybe it could be a commoners point of view of this world. You decide!

Imagine a far off distant land where dragons roamed the skies. Now imagine factions of humans, elves and orcs warred alike over the mountain these dragons called home. Why?

Writing Prompt #16:

At prompt number seventeen we will have a memory induced writing prompt. Read the word below and think about how it makes you feel. Then write a story using a female character about that subject.


Writing Prompt #15:

Similar to the previous writing prompt, except a bit more vague to allow your creativity to take hold! Read the word below and write a story with that object as the main centre of attention in some way, shape or form.

Grandfather clock.

Writing Prompt #14:

 Another object based prompt! Read the word below like before and write a story about the object. This one is ideal as a short story prompt.

A pebble.

Writing Prompt #13:

This writing prompt will be a bit different from the others on this list and our previous list; 10 writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. 
For this prompt we want you to read the word and its definition. Write a story about that concept and your understanding of the word. 

Solander; a box made in the style of a book to store items in.

Writing Prompt #12:

This is another situation writing prompt. Imagine you find yourself in the situation as described below. How do you react? What are your first thoughts? Why?

You wake up and you are no longer in your bed. You are tied. You hand a blindfold on. You can hear a train coming.

Writing Prompt #11:

This one is simple! For this entry we will have an image prompt. Write a story inspired by this image.

a sunset on a beach with people watching it
Image credit: pixabay

Writing Prompt #10:

Another situational prompt. This time take a character you have written in the past or imagine yourself in the following situation. Finish what happens!

A bag soared out the window landing on the front lawn. Money spilled from it, notes being whisked away by the wind. A second or two later, a chrome Beretta pistol could also be seen soaring from the window. It made a very soft thump as it hit the soil.

Writing Prompt #9:

For this prompt we want to inspire all the horror fans and horror writers out there. Let's get creative!

I could feel it. Or maybe I couldn't? It was terrible; the feeling that is. Or was it? In any case, it felt like there were bugs scratching away under the surface of my skin; tickling every inch of my body...

Writing Prompt #8:

 This is another word prompt! Simply begin writing the scene or scenario your see you in your head when you read the word below.


Writing Prompt #7:

Back with another horror prompt. Just like a creepy stalker, our horror prompts are back for more! Sticking with that theme, finish writing a story or even just a paragraph starting with the following.

I sat were I was most comfortable. I had my tea, my sandwiches and my watch. The watch's hand slowly ticked towards six o'clock. He would be home soon...

Writing Prompt #6:

Let's do something different! Let's bring in a hardcore science fiction prompt for all the scifi fans out there!

You wake up in the command seat. You originally thought you had gone to sleep on your bed. All your brdige staff are staring at you. An enemy ship looms in the exapnse of space beyond. It begins charging weapons...

 Writing Prompt #5:

This one could be called a science fantasy prompt, or even a horror prompt, how you finish it will depend what you want to classify it as!

Imagine you wake up with the ability to kill upon command. The only condition being that if you kill someone that is not considered bad, it reduces your lifespan. 

Writing Prompt #4:

So this list is the first in which we have incorporated some image based prompts. In the spirit of trying new things, we now have a GIF based prompt to get those creative juices flowing! Write a story about the GIF below. What is she doing? Where has she been? Where is she going? After coming up with your own answers, you can find the full experimental short film this GIF is from by clicking here!

woman walking away down an alleyway with a knife in her hand

Writing Prompt #3:

Clocking in on our third last writing prompt for today's post we have another situational writing prompt. Have a crack at getting creative with this one!

I could see it lurking in the shadows. I didn't move; not an inch. I dared not even breathe in its direction. The swamps were always a wonderfully gross place, but up until now scary had never even crossed his mind for adjectives to describe this place. All I knew was...

Writing Prompt #2:

For our second last prompt today, we want to delve deep into your own experiences. Experiences are a fantastic spring of ideas you can draw upon in your writing. In a way, how a writer experiences life is how they will write. Experiences define us and our writing is how we explain a story from our own perspective. Perspective and experience go hand in hand! With all that in mind, read the prompt below and tell a story with it from your own experiences and perspective!

Imagine that your favourite TV character found out their best friend was cheating on their partner with another very good friend of theirs. Now write how you think that character would react and what that character would do using your own sense of moral compass, your own experiences and your own perspective on the subject.

Writing Prompt #1:

Last but by no means the least we have a simple word prompt to round off our list. Just like the previous word prompts, we want you to write a story based upon that object. However, if you love creating scenes for your readers, use the second word to set the atmosphere for your story!

A worn bible.
Deep Purple.


Wait, Before You Go!

That was our second list of creative writing prompts we have published here on Lore. While these prompts may take longer to develop, our first list is a list of 10 creative writing prompts you can do in 10 minutes so be sure to check that out!

Here at Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer's block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article.

Be sure to follow Lore here on Blogger for new articles. We also publish free short stories and free flash fictions for all your reading needs so be sure to check them out if that is something you would like! Lastly, you can find Lore's Twitter account here for updates on our new releases. Have a lovely day!

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Estelle: A Free Flash Fiction (Mystery) - Lore Publication

Estelle: A Free Flash Fiction (Mystery) - Lore Publication


Welcome to Lore Publication, a place where you can find insightful short stories and flash fiction to read for free! Here at Lore, everyone that works with us has one main goal in mind; to tell stories that are unique and thought provoking. No matter if it is a work of chilling horror, a high fantasy quest, a mysterious thriller, a thrilling mystery or a dystopian scifi story - Lore has something for every bookworm out there.

For today's publication we have Estelle, an enchanting fantasy themed mystery! Set in older times, this mystery delves into the life of Estelle that has made a new village her home upon her marriage. However, tradgedy quickly befalls her... πŸ‘€πŸ˜¨ Enjoy!

Image credit:

wasn’t until she was thirty that Estelle found the one she wanted to spend her life with. She’d never been fussy: her one desire for a life partner was someone who would be emotionally strong, and few fitted the bill. There had been whispers about Estelle for as long as she could remember. She was hard and cold, aloof and taciturn. In a small gossipy village, the suspicions weren’t likely to end once she settled down. More likely her partner would become the subject of speculation and rumor. What did he or she see in Estelle? What did the two of them get up to in that isolated house on the hill?

The villagers didn’t like strangers as a rule; so incomer Geraint, flitting where the wind took him, should have had a hard time. Instead, his honest, open face won them over. Everyone, from the cold-hearted potter to the narrow-minded water diviner, fell in love with him. It took her some time to trust him enough to let him really know her; and when he did, she knew she had found the one. He made her happy and laugh, but more importantly she never considered that he would leave; no matter how much she teased and warned him off. Even so, it was unnerving for Estelle the morning the baker’s assistant smiled at her, letting her know what joyful news it was to hear that Geraint was moving in. Not that many years previously, people would have told Geraint to stay away from the harpy in the bindweed bedecked cottage who had buried all her family long before their time. Where Estelle was concerned, the villagers had been protective of newcomers in spite of their antipathy towards them.

When the wedding came it was well attended. The faces beamed wide at Estelle, where she had formally seen only scowls in her direction. Estelle may have been considered an enchantress by the villagers, but little did they know Geraint was the one casting spells.

Two years into married life, they had a well-stocked and tended cottage where villagers often gathered to discuss herbs and remedies. As they lay in bed each morning, Estelle would comment to Geraint how much he had changed things; how she almost missed the bitter, barbed comments that used to fly her way. Geraint would shake his head and say it must have all been in her imagination; then carried on naming the tens of children they would have in time.

His dreams were not to be, fate had dictated. Geraint’s light went out just as the seed he had planted started to grow. One morning Estelle rose, and Geraint didn’t follow her downstairs. She made fennel tea; he didn’t respond to its tempting aroma. She let him sleep and climbed the stairs at lunchtime with bread and cheese. When he still didn’t wake, the tray clattered to the floor and Estelle’s heart shut to the world.

Geraint’s body stopped working. There were no suspicious circumstances, no fingers pointed Estelle’s way. Geraint was taken away, the funeral organised without her. Estelle was escorted into and out of church by watchful, tender elders. The wake went on around her. Estelle was numb to what had happened, and what was still to come.

Every day the women of the village took the steep path to visit, carrying cake and soothing advice. Estelle remained quiet, just as she always had, the seed in her belly putting down roots. When the aunts and mothers became aware of Estelle’s condition, they stopped their cake baking and took to inviting themselves to dinner. They brought stews or hearty broths on occasion, and sat with the distant one to make sure she ate every mouthful.

It seemed that with Geraint’s charming of the village, Estelle and any offspring, would be cared for; no matter her quirkiness and discomforting stillness. She was now shy, they claimed, not stand-offish as they had once thought. The poor girl wasn’t evil or wicked. Her mother had died young and Estelle hadn’t been taught all she needed to know or the right way to behave. People should have made allowances. Better a late start than none.

When the time came for Geraint’s daughter to be born, Estelle put the red and purple rug on the line as she had been directed. The women of the village trailed up the path, two-bytwo, to take their allotted shifts. Not many hours later, Roisin arrived screaming, the spit of her father.
Estelle watched her grow, knowing Roisin was never truly hers. Of the two things Estelle loved most in her life, one was given to her by the other, and she could keep neither.

Roisin was schooled and spoilt by all, a gift to the village with her ready smile and quick wit. Everyone loved her as they had her father, and through her they continued to reach out to her mother.
When Roisin left the village to see the world, Estelle was alone again, knowing she would never share her home with another. Nevertheless, mountains had moved in the twenty years since Geraint had stumbled into her life. Instead of retreating, as she might once have done, Estelle chose to bask in the love and care of those around her. She used her knowledge of herbs and nature to make life better for others. In time, Estelle was referred to as an old sage, not the crone or hag she might once have become.


Writer Information - Before You Go!

This wonderful edition of flash fiction was selected as the Mystery Category Winner in Lore Fiction’s 2018 Launch Writing Contest! Having been first published on Lore's medium page, it has been ported here to Lore's new online home! This moving mystery was written by Sarah Ann Hall.

Be sure to check out the author's Twitter here, follow Lore Fiction here on Blogger for more monthly stories and follow Lore over on Twitter for updates on our new releases!πŸ’“

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List of 10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes - Lore Publication

List of 10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes - Lore Publication

Hello and welcome to Lore Publication. Lore Publication is an online literary magazine or literary publication that publishes free short stories and free flash fiction. We also occasionally publish resources to help writers develop the craft such as writing tips and writing techniques too! In terms of fiction, we publish works of science fiction (scifi), horror, fantasy, mystery and thriller. We do consider a mix of these genres or sub-genres of these categories, so consider the categories a rough guideline for what we like to publish. Our mission is to give writers a platform to share their work and give readers free content for their reading needs! Just as free ebooks allow readers access to quality work without burning a hole in the wallet, our stories do the same thing! Lore is a community of writers and readers alike! With all that said, enjoy our latest publication.

Today we have Lore's list of 10 creative writing prompts you can do in just 10 minutes. The first of many writing prompt posts we plan on putting together, these will help you past writer's block, help you hone your craft or even let you have some fun with creativity! These writing prompts will be from a variety of genres and themes including horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery and more; designed to get that pen scribbling or those keys clacking!

With all that said, let's get writing.

working at a desk, writing on a notepad with a laptop and phone for note taking
Image credit: FirmBee via Pixabay

Writing Prompt #10 :

For this first writing prompt, imagine this scene playing out in your head. Naturally you will imagine the situation. Imagine how she (or he, or they) got there, what happened to them, why this happened and how it concludes. Let your creativity take hold of the prompt and develop it.

She could feel it; every drop. Her blood pattered against the wooden decking with every second that passed. Her breath was short and stolen. Each step she took felt like an accomplishment. Slowly, she...

What happens next and why? You decide.

Writing Prompt #9 :

Here we have another situational writing prompt. What type of forest is he in? Why is he running? Is he running from something? Towards something? Why does he need to get there in such a hurry? Let these questions fill your mind and fuel your writing, finish the tale!

The branches whipped at his flesh. The undergrowth beneath his feet spayed as he thundered through the forest. His eyes were wide in terror. His heart was palpatating with the tension. The sun was setting and with it any hope of...

Writing Prompt #8:

This next writing prompt is not a situational prompt but rather a concept prompt. Think about the concept and your story, as will its characters, will spring from your inner storyteller!

Imagine a world in which spirits, souls, demons and angels were scienctifically proven to exist. They are integrated into society, but how well and for how long? Is this a recent revelation or an ancient one? How would society cope in either situation?

Writing Prompt #7:

Our fourth writing prompt for today is another conceptual prompt. For all the horror and thriller writers out there, this prompt is for a post-apocalyptic world!

Imagine a world in which water, and most liquids, become poisoness upon freezing. For example, rain is fine but snow is not. Perhaps write about the first instance of this occurring or maybe how society would handle such a phenomenon.

Writing Prompt #6:

Back onto situational writing prompts, this one is for the writers out there that love bizarre stories. This sepcific writing prompt is to challenge the laws of the world in which we write within. Why do these changes happen? What is causing them? Why is our character experiencing this? Is it only our character experiencing this?

Everywhere I looked I could see the world changing. It was as if I had discovered a new realm to reality. The air curdled like a thick liquid; visible and tangible. The clouds bled into the atmosphere like coloured ink in water. Objects seemed familiar, yet out of place. Cups were held by liquids. Plates were held by food. Weird enough, these changes seemed alien but natural... 

What feels right? Write away!

Writing Prompt #5:

A more light-hearted writing prompt for this entry. A simple idea that can spawn various different styles and genres of story. Have fun with this one, or make it serious. Why not a bit of both?

Imagine you wake up and find your pet sitting on a small stool. They are sitting upright, limbs crossed with a notepad and pen in hand.

What happens now? How does our character react? How would you react? 

Writing Prompt #4:

This one is an interesting writing prompt and another conceptual one. Again, this prompt can take the form of multiple story genres and styles. Let those creative juices flow and write what comes to mind.

Imagine you are needed in two places at once but cannot give into postponing either event. Imagine what the events are and then write out a short manual for an identical actor to take your place at one of the events.

Writing Prompt #3:

Our next writing prompt will rely upon your own memory and personal life experiences. Try not to give this one too much thought. Simply write and develop the first thoughts you begin to have. Explore where these thoughts develop into!

The taste of plain rice. What does it remind you of?

Writing Prompt #2:

Playing the memory games again, this writing prompt will require you to delve into you own experiences once again! Like prompt #3, write and develop the first thoughts that spring to mind.

The colour purple always reminded me of the time I...

Writing Prompt #1:

The last entry on our list of 10 creative writing prompts is a situational prompt. Imagine your favourite character from a film, show or book. Now imagine how they would cope with the following scenario.

The door burst open. People started screaming. Bullets started flying. Alarm bells stung the ears. I found myself right in the middle of a...


Wait, Before You Go!

That was a list of creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. Here at Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer's block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article.

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