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Flash Fiction Prompts | 10 Ideas To Get Your Started

6 Flash Fiction Prompts From Lore When it comes to writing flash fiction it can be difficult to find a subject or topic to write about. Writing a compelling piece of flash fiction story between 100 words and 1000 words can vastly depend on what you write about. So, if you are struggling, use these flash fiction prompts below to aid in the creative process. Remember, good flash fiction works within the word count boundaries of the literary type. Going over 1,000 words is fine but at that point you are leaning into short story territory. Try to stick to what is defined as flash fiction and see the word count as a challenge. It will force you to tell your story in a more succinct way which, oftentimes, is more difficult that other literary forms. There's always a story to tell and you just need to figure out how to tell it. Object Flash Fiction Prompts Objects are a good way to get a story started or to flesh out the details of your story, so the first two prompts will find their foc

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