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Viral: A Free Flash Fiction (Horror Fiction) | Lore Publication

Viral: A Free Flash Fiction ( Horror Fiction ) - Lore Publication Image Credit: josstyk via Pixabay He fastened his top button, pushing his tie up to the crest of his neck. He always liked it so that he could feel its soft bite; that meant it was tied right. He double checked how he looked in the car’s wing mirror to his right and satisfied with his outfit, stepped from his car. He swung the door leaving it to shut behind him as he wandered off towards a dirt path; outlined by ornate wooden banisters. He took a long draw of breath, then began walking down this dirt path; his loafers chipping against the grit beneath him. Their was some kind of ornate temple up to his left hand side at the top of a gentle incline. There were signposts everywhere and even a monk, simply standing by the banister into the forest. He kept a steady pace as he walked up to and past this monk. The monk had went to initiate conversation with him but something stopped it before it could start. Maybe it was the l

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