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Dystopian Writing Prompts - Volume One - Lore Publication

Dystopian Writing Prompts Dystopias are always fun to think about and dystopian writing prompts are even more fun to tinker with. What would happen if the surveillance state became real? Oh.  Anyway, dystopias present an interesting study of social and cultural constructs that can present a drab, dreary world to the reader. These are the kinds of worlds you don't want to live in, even for the most hardcore dystopia fans. But not all dystopian fiction is based on cultural or social constructs. Some dystopian worlds are constructed from science fiction story ideas. Some are post apocalyptic. There even exists sub-genres of dystopian writing that bring our history to life - such as fiction about the darkest acts of World War Two, or the harrowing existence of a person living amid the Black Plague. So, if you have a knack for government controlled conspiracy stories, a zombie apocalypse, or a post apocalyptic world then you have come to the 'write' place indeed. This volume mar

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