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Fantasy Flash Fiction: Audience Participation by Mark Huntley-James

To: Mayor S. Cornflower Barrowhurst Town Hall Barrowhurst-on-Helltide Middle England   Master of the Dark Arts (retired) Moore Magic and Occult Consultancy Blunt’s Alley Barrowhurst-on-Helltide Dear Seb, Our phone conversation got cut short for some reason — I hope you are well, but I thought I heard a scream of pain before the line went dead. Anyway, here’s a summary of what I said. Yes, demons are a nuisance, and yes they will keep coming out to play after dark, during the helltide. And no, I don’t think the helltide will go away any time soon, nor do I have any information on the exact times of day for low- and high-helltide. I agree that the word does seem to have got out somehow, and yes there do seem to be a lot of visitors coming to Barrowhurst and they are, as you put it, Occult Tourists. Honestly, I don’t think there is any practical way of stopping demons from killing and eating the tourists. I know it’s bad for repeat business, and the abandoned cars are clearly a growing is

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