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30 Tools for the Imaginative Writer - Lore Publication

Creative writing is all about saying what you want in a way that appeals to as many people as possible.  But some writers often find it difficult to tap into their imagination. Being an imaginative writer is, in part, down to how you see the world and how you convey your information to your reader. My name is Stewart, the founder of Lore, and I have compiled a list of tools that can help you become a more imaginative writer. I have broken these tools down into four categories for ease of browsing, and to help you target exactly what you want to develop for your own imaginative writing.  The four categories we will focus on today are: Organisation tools Tools for a relaxing environment Tools for improving knowledge foundations Writing Aids Organization Tools Organization tools, for this list, will cover a wide range of aspects to life that you may need assistance with organising. Keeping things ordered can help free up your time and efforts for what matters. To that end, I have included

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