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A Micro Poetry Collection - Naked Tranquillity by Stewart Storrar

Naked Tranquillity - A Micro Poetry Collection Oh, late night ghouls,  Stalkers of dreams, Bishops of the darkness, Where do you go when we go? Do you cackle into the abyss? Do you howl into the shadows? Do you hold the hands of the unloved? And usher a seed of doubt into their mind? Oh, where do you go when we go? Yes, where do you go when we go? In a world of scorn and hate, Of loveless villany, Of tyrant godheads, All that matters, Is conviction. Convitcion to realise your truth. The importance to be free, The importance to just be, Is all that really matters. About This Writer And The Micro Poetry: This micro poetry collection was written by Scottish writer Stewart Storrar, and was originally published on his Twitter account. Stewart is a keen fictional writer and poet as a hobby, and works as a professional writer by trade. Aside from his work in running Lore Publication, he also works with publications such as P.S. I Love You as a contributor, and Student Pages Magazine as their

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