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How To Write Sci Fi - A Beginner's Guide To Sci Fi Sub-Genres

'How to write sci fi?' Every writer remotely interested in science has asked themselves this. And we all love a good sci fi story , but the how  when it comes to writing sci fi is what makes the genre so good. I am talking about what to include, why to include it, when to include it. It is no mystery that there are dozens of stories out there with a sci fi twist, but the genre is as varied as it is entertaining. So, to begin this deep delve article series , we need to distil the genre down into its primary sub-genres before we can go any further, and that is what this article is all about. The Main Sub-Genres Of Sci Fi Now this is by no means an all inclusive list, but it is a good starting point: Sci Fi Post Apocalyptic; the kind of science fiction that is set in a world after an apocalyptic event. This type of science fiction revolves around either; why the world is doomed or trying to fix a doomed world. Some stories, like The Walking Dead, focus on surviving this new world.

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