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Wan Luesome Day - A Scots' Poem by Stewart Storrar (with ENG translation)

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Lore Publication. Today we have another Scot's poem from Stewart Storrar, a Scottish writer. Stewart wrote this love poem about his fiancé, and about their long distance struggles in life and its circumstances. Enjoy. Note: This poem was written with English grammar rules in Scots' originally. This also means that some words don't have exact translations from Scots' to English that make sense for the English version. So, do keep that in mind! Have a nice day. Wan Luesome Day O this bonnie wee lass o mine, Aye, this bonnie wee lass o mine, Bidin her luve, Tae see me again, Wan luesome day. Aye, a ken ma weird, It isnae fir the faint o hert, Bidin ma tyme, Tae be wae her again. But a ken ma faith, In a feirdy luve fir the ages, Fae ma hert tae hers, In a hecht fae wan knee. O this bonnie wee lass o mine, Aye, this bonnie wee lass o mine, Tae see you again, Tae haud you again, Is aw ma hert kens. And on ma murnfu lea'in, A hark upon the

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